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Approving mortgages in Southwestern Ontario since 1974

Getting a Mortgage Can Be as Easy as 1… 2… 3!

Knowledge is critical when considering your future financial goals.  Our systematic approach to mortgage lending or loan acquisition can help you successfully navigate through the decision making process.

At this time, we will take all of your information and review it with you.  Once we know your personal financial situation, we can better understand what mortgage or loan options may suit your needs.  We will discuss what your financial goals are and how to maximize your mortgage or loan borrowing potential.

Lender Preparation & Approval

After reviewing your unique situation, we will then proceed to assess current mortgage and loan rates, negotiate lending terms, and search for the best lender to fit your financial needs and goals.  If you meet all the requirements of the lenders, they will send us an approval for a mortgage or loan.

3. Closing & Costs

Together, we will sit down and review all of the details of the loan including closing costs involved in completing the mortgage or loan.  You can then decide if the mortgage loan is right for you.  If the mortgage loan is not right for you, there is absolutely no commitment, obligation, or cost to you.  We can continue looking for mortgage lending or loan options that meet your needs.  If you are happy with the mortgage details, we will move forward with securing the loan.

The next step is the preparation of paperwork – a crucial part of the mortgage loan process.  We will provide you with the details of closing, including who needs to be present, what documents to bring, and what documents you should expect to sign, which is very important!

At Unimor Capital Corporation, we work hard for your business and we want to make every mortgage or loan transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible!

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