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UCC offers a variety of financing solutions, below are just a few examples. Please refer to the products menu for a full listing.

Financial FreedomConsolidating debt refers to acquiring a single larger loan to repay all other loans, resulting in a consolidated or combined debt with only one payment each month at a lower interest rate.  By refinancing or consolidating debt, we may be able to significantly lower your interest rates or your monthly payments, which can help free up some cash for savings, investments, or for other reasons that you may need the money.

purchasesWhether you are buying a home or a rental property, the mortgage agents at UCC can help find you the best mortgage to fit your personal financial circumstances.  With the information you provide to us, we will analyze your situation and recommend the best potential solutions.  UCC has access to a variety of local and online institutional lenders, as well as Windsor’s largest source of private lenders.  Many of these online lenders will consider mortgages for clients with less than perfect credit or difficulties in proving their income.

LoansYou may have a number of credit cards or high interest loans that we can consolidate into a secured or unsecured personal loan with a bank or credit union at a lower interest rate than you are currently paying.  This new loan may also reduce your payments, which may give you the opportunity to begin saving up for a down payment on a home of your own.  There are many types of loans available and our team of agents at UCC can assist you in choosing the right one!

Private MortgagesINTEREST RATES as low as 6%

Most Canadians have heard of private mortgages but have little knowledge of what they actually are or how they work.  Private mortgages can be an alternative source of financing for borrowers with credit, employment, or income issues.  Private mortgages usually have a higher interest rate due to the higher risk involved in the investment.  Most banks and institutional lenders typically need to satisfy strict mortgage lending criteria and are not willing to budge too far from the standard mortgage approval requirements and as a result, will deter from such transactions.

Credit ScoreThe lower a person’s credit score is, the more of a risk that person is considered to be by a lender.  Therefore, it is likely that people with bad credit will have to borrow money at higher interest rates.  In the past, the choice of lenders for mortgages was generally restricted to the major banks or financial institutions.  In today’s mortgage and loan market however, there are many lenders available including private lenders that are willing to finance higher risk individuals and high ratio mortgages that the large banks commonly refuse.

Business for SelfBusiness owners and self-employed individuals often have difficulty when applying for mortgages and loans, regardless of their personal financial position and credit history.  Unimor acknowledges and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and has a network of private lenders that currently offer mortgage and loan programs to borrowers who are self-employed or that operate their own business.

Read What Our Clients Think About Us…

"I closed on my mortgage and I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance! I now have peace of mind for the next five years and I can focus on paying off my debt and securing funds for my retirement."

Lesley, Windsor

"Unimor was able to help us when we needed it the most. Thanks to Anto's hard work our lives are now stress free!"

Colleen, Windsor

"I'd like to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work, amazing client service, and ease of co-ordination and execution! Dianna, I can't thank you enough for a job well done. You will definitely be referred many times over! This was a positive and productive experience and you made it fun to work toegther. I look forward to working with you in the future!"

Bryan, Toronto

"Anto & Francis made the process of getting a mortgage very easy. I recently purchased my first home and I didn't know much about what goes into getting a mortgage, but Anto & Francis educated me on every aspect and walked me through every step. I would highly recommend them and the entire Unimor team when getting a mortgage!"

James, Windsor

"I would like to thank Unimor and Anto specifically. I never thought I would own a home because my credit score wasn't the best. However, Anto was able to make that happen for me and now I am the proud owner of my very first home!"

Danielle, Tillsonburg

"Thank you Anto for all your hard work, love of your job, love of people, love of being you and love for helping people have a home!"

Eugenia, Windsor

"Anto, I wanted to write you and let you know how impressed and thankful I am for all your professional expertise and guidance in helping me meet my financial goals. You demonstrated extreme patience with me on all occasions that I called with questions. If not for you, I would not have been able to move ahead with consolidating all my debt in such an ingenious fashion. The plan you set out was amazing and I am grateful for all the energy you put into taking care of my needs and concerns. You seemed to handle everything with such ease and it therefore put me at ease and gave me the confidence to know things can get better with the right guidance. You are very good at your job! You are a true professional, with a very kind heart and a keen ability to listen and effectively problem solve. I hope your employer knows how lucky they are to have you!"

Susan, Windsor

"I wanted to thank Anto for helping me get a mortgage so quickly! I was also impressed with the interest rate she got me!"

Dennis, Windsor

"My boyfriend and I recently had a baby and we wanted to purchase a house. We applied for a mortgage through Unimor and were very pleased with all the help we received. We worked with Anto and she did a great job explaining everything. She was not only very friendly, but extremely helpful during the whole process. I would definitely recommend Anto and Unimor to anyone I know who was looking for a mortgage!"

Amber, Windsor

"I definitely recommend Unimor to anyone looking for a mortgage. Your service was exceptional! Also, thank you so much for the Tim's gift card, it was a nice personal touch with our letter."

Todd, Windsor

"Thank you so much Dianna for all the hard work you did. It was a pleasure doing business with you!"

Josie, Windsor

"We just wanted to say thank you, Anto, for all your hard work!"

Karleene, Windsor

"My husband and I were looking for a second mortgage to fund the renovation of our backyard, unfortunately the banks were not an option for us and we weren't willing to pay the astronomical interest rates at other financial institutions. We always saw the flyers for Unimor in the mail, so we decided to give them a call. We got in touch with Anto and within a few days we met with her and before we knew it, our second mortgage was approved! The service was excellent and the whole process was easy. Anto was on top of all the paperwork and steps we needed to complete in order to receive the funds. My family and I are really enjoying our new backyard oasis thanks to Unimor's help! I highly recommend seeing them for any financing you might require!"

Jacqui, Windsor

Thank You Cookie"Thank you for all your help during this process. I truly appreciate all the hard work you did for us!"

Nicole, Windsor

"I was very impressed with the service Anto & Leslie provided, they made me feel comfortable. They made getting a mortgage easy and they explained everything to me in detail. I would highly recommend UCC to anyone I know."

Mona, Windsor

Windsor-Essex County Mortgage Brokers & Agents

Unimor Capital Corporation’s team of mortgage agents are readily available to assist you with finding mortgage or loan solutions that meet your financial needs. Whether you are looking to make a large purchase, refinancing, or consolidating debt, it’s important that you are making an educated decision and receiving professional unbiased advice. As licensed mortgage brokers, we work for you and not the banks, which means we work in your best interest. We offer many financing solutions with several leading institutional lenders both local and online. We can assist you with your financing needs whether you have perfect or challenging credit, are self-employed or have long-term employment, or need help with consolidating high interest rate debt. Our team of mortgage agents have the experience and lending resources to find solutions for people of all circumstances.

We are also Windsor’s largest source for private mortgages, which means we can often help individuals with challenging financial situations who are usually refused by the major banks or financial institutions. At UCC, we work hard for your business and do our very best to make every financial transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible. Contact one of our Windsor mortgage agents today or submit an online mortgage or loan application to get started on your path to financial independence with Unimor Capital Corporation!


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